Shop Future

Shop Future

I asked Lane (owner of the shop) to share her story so that I could write about it on the blog. Her response was beautiful, and I feel like I'd be doing her an injustice to put my spin on it, so here it is. Her story in her words. 

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A Trip to Salvation

june 28th 1017: yesterday, i went to the doctor and i made him measure me because i've reeeeally been feeling taller lately, and i sweeeear i must've grown. he propped me against a human tape measure and sure enough, my suspicion was verified by one inch. i laughed. 2017 has been marked by a conscious effort to grow in all sorts of ways, but i never dreamed that height would be one them. espeeeeciallly since i was told that i had stopped growing at age twelve. welp, here i am. 22 years old and an inch taller. i don't believe that it's a coincidence; my body and soul are in this together. what a gift to receive visual representation of progress. this is my new favorite photo of me: five foot one and standing taller than ever.