I've been getting an influx of emails with the same types of question, so I thought it would be helpful to add an FAQ to the site. I love, love, love each and every email I receive, but unfortunately, with my busy schedule it's tough to sit down and respond to each one as in depth as I would like to. Hopefully this helps! Always feel free to email if you have questions extending beyond this! I adore emails and do my best to reply to all of them. :-)

What are some tips and advice you have for those starting blogs? 

The best advice I can give is to be authentic. Do it for yourself before you do it for anyone else. Who you are is so essential to whatever you create will be, and the type of audience you will attract. Gather inspiration from others, but make the space your own. Let yourself shine through and don't doubt your own creative process. The truth is, there are a lot of bloggers out there, so if you're doing it for fame, then you are likely to become discouraged. It takes time. I never expected an audience of any size, so it's crazy to me that I am even getting asked this question. Be weird, be funny, be sweet, be intelligent... just be who you are. Make your own mold instead of trying to fit into anyone else's. 
That being said, figure out what you're about. Brand yourself. Make a pinterest board of all the things that inspire you. Add to it all the time. Let life happen, and let your blog continue to unfold as you do the same.
Don't force it. Only collaborate with brands that you GENUINELY love. Be picky, it's okay!
Other than that, consistency and quality content are key!!! Try to post as frequently as you can to keep people interested. It's a good idea to create content ahead of time (something I could improve upon tbh.) Do things that make life easier for your future self. Plan ahead even if you don't feel like it. You'll be happy you did. 

What filter do you use on your photos? 

I get this one a lot and I'm not quite sure how to answer. I play around a lot with the features of the editing tools on VSCO and have figured out ways to get my pictures to look the way they do. I encourage playing around and having fun with editing and making your photos your own! 

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? 

Life inspires me. Getting outside everyday and observing the world is key to my process. I make an active effort to notice things and be aware. I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of friendships that inspire me as well. Other than that books, Instagram, tumblr, pinterest, other bloggers...  

What is your eyebrow secret? 

I don't touch 'em. For years and years I got them threaded and my mom HATED it. I finally didn't want to put threading into the monthly budget, so I let them grow wild. I went out on a date with a boy and he commented on how nice they were so I never touched them again. The point of the story is that moms are always right and eyebrows were not made to be tamed. 

I myself do not indulge in any eyebrow products, but many of my friends swear by Glossier Boy Brow.  So maybe give that a try too. 

What made you want to start a blog? 

I needed an outlet for all the creative energy buzzing around in my head all the time. I also wanted to document the different stages of my life in a way that would be easy for me to look back on and remember. 

When did you first start blogging? 

I started blogging around three years ago, but it wasn't until a little less than a year ago that I redid my website and became serious about it. 

How did you decide what you wanted your posts to be focused on? 

The tabs on my site are like mind pockets to me. I narrowed it down to the ones that were the most practical and easy to organize. Fashion + writing + photography are my three loves, so I try to incorporate all three as much as possible. As far as writing goes, I never have a plan or a focus. I write when interesting thoughts happen to me, but they usually happen by accident. 

How did you get over the initial fear of "will anyone be interested in my blog"? 

I started my blog for myself, so it didn't really matter to me if others would be interested. I kind of just did my thing and pretended no one was watching. Don't let fear stop you from putting yourself out there. Who cares what other people say or think. Do it for you. Always.