I've always adored the scene in Princess Diaries where Mia and her mom are throwing arrows at a huge white canvas covered in paint filled balloons. Whenever they pop a balloon the paint bleeds down the canvas in long colorful streams to create something abstract, and wonderful, and to be honest, a little messy.

You know the scene I'm talking about, right? Because we have all totally been meaning to do the exact same thing since we saw that movie 15 years ago. Or is it just me? Okay. Well, whether you remember the scene or not, my point is that we are all in need of a giant white canvas that we can splatter paint on without fear of getting dirty--an artistic outlet, if you will.

The truth is I have so much jumbled up in my brain all the time.

I am an artist by nature. I jump at any opportunity to create something beautiful. Through the years I have used social media as a creative outlet, but lately, I have been craving more. I have an ever increasing desire to delve into the fullness of this life, but I do not want to do it alone.

I want to share this journey that I am about to embark on with those who are interested. So, here I am. An official blog owner. How exciting! And also, a little bit intimidating... because who really wants to read anything I have to say anyway? Well, here's hoping...

Disclaimer:: On this blog I will be posting about life. Real life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I also hope to let you all in on the creative projects I am constantly working on... though it is all a bit unplanned at the moment I am excited to open up this new chapter. My greatest hope is that people will participate in this little community I am setting out to create. Don't be shy.



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