The Importance of PJ's

My parents have never agreed on much. I can't remember many instances throughout my life where their thoughts on a topic have actually been cognate. But when it comes to pajamas and the importance of owning a few great pairs, this amazing thing happens where they agree completely. Yes... my father is a pajama fiend. He owns more silk pajama sets than a penguin in a top hat...

New pajamas are the shiiiz. Case in point. I doubt that any of you will disagree.  Nothing quite beats a lazy day spent in your favorite pair of pajamas. Especially at this time of year when the rain is falling and the candles are lit and its getting dark before we can even bask in the light of day...

Okay, okay. So I love pajamas and so should you. So what?


It's time I come clean...

Even though I completely believe in the importance of good pj's I don't want to spend the money. I'm a broke college student, and if I do happen to have extra money laying around I am not going to spend it on pajamas that no one will ever see. So, I find myself slumming it and sleeping in old mens tshirts from the Goodwill. Don't worry, I wash them first. But still. 

So, the other day my mom and I went shopping and she bought me two new pairs of pj's. I finally saw the light. I forgot how good it feels to have pajamas that are actually cute.

I read an article awhile ago on themanrepeller that talked about how the pajamas we wear often times reflect us. We rarely think of it that way, but I think it's true.

What we wear to bed matters

. Some of the very best people I have ever met own the best pajamas, and it is because they care enough about themselves to invest in an area that is completely self indulgent and wonderful.

So now it's your turn. Go out and buy yourself a new pair of pj's, because you totally deserve it, and it's going to make you feel


. I promise.



These guys are from Old Navy

& these guys are from Target

Happy Lounging :)