December 10th 2014 // WIWT

Hi love bugs,

Life has been craazzzyyy lately. Finals, and work, and the flu, and designing the new website (yay!), and a whole entire array of random boring things have been taking up every drop of my time. I haven't even had half a second to think about posting anything at all on the blog.

But good news! I'm back!

So today, my cute friend Sarah and I were sitting at Starbucks in between class when a random guy came up to me and goes, "Are you into fashion?"

Let me explain a little back story. I have horrible hearing. I'm that girl that asks you to repeat what you said five times, before you eventually just give up. Soo, when he approached me and said "are you into fashion" what I heard was "are you into passion?" Which really weirded me out in a lot of ways, because "passion" is such a broad topic... like, did he want to talk to me about the Passion of the Christ, or...? This was my immediate thought process, as well as, oh great another weirdo.

Welcome to my brain.

Anyway, despite this array of thoughts, I decided to use my big girl manners and politely respond, "excuse me? Am I into whaat?"

Okay, if you couldn't already tell I get weird when a random guy approaches me in public. Nine times out of ten I tend to shut the conversation off before it even starts, because let's face it ladies, 99.9% of the time guys who approach us in public are creeps...

Buuuut this particular guy had a man bun, and some pretty cool street style sweats on. Both of which worked in his favor once I figured out what he actually said. I'll admit, I was even a little flattered... so the conversation continued...

Short story made even shorter, he told me that he liked was I was wearing (reason for approach), and he asked me what I was doing with fashion since I was indeed, "into it." I told him that I might be applying to Nordstroms... oh, and that I have a blog... I felt a tiny bit guilty adding this to the conversation, because I have literally never posted anything fashion related yet, but I justified the statement because, as the thought process goes, "I am totally planning to post about fashion in the near future."Let's not forget, I am less than a month old in blog years... Definitely still in my baby phase. You've got to crawl before you can walk, right? Right.

It all turned out okay, once I figured out what he actually said. And even more than that it inspired me to sit down and do my first ever WIWT (What I Wore Today) post. I always enjoy when people share what they're wearing, because it inspires me to go into my closet and make magic out of what I already own.

So here is what I wore today. Check below the photos for where I bought everything. Enjoy. 



Clothing // 
Sweater: LF
Collared Shirt: H&M
Jeans: thrifted & distressed by yours truly 
Accessories //
Hat: Nordstroms BP
Necklace: Forever 21 
Purse: Vintage Coach 
Shoes: Steve Madden