September Archives

It's October 9th, but I didn't forget. Here's a few excerpts from Septembers past. 



8 September 2013

I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.

I forgive me, too.

I forgive us.

I am letting go, not a bit of spite left to sting my tongue.

You were right all along.

This is best.

Today, my heart agrees. 


16 September 2013

If I say “I don’t care” please know that I am lying.

I do care. I care very much.

I will care until the day I don’t have to tell myself or anyone else that I don’t.


20 September 2013

Ten years from now, she will look back on the photos from her first day of kindergarten.

She will take them in with warm regard, and let out a sigh for moments past - 

curly blonde pigtails, and a green pleated skirt.

That is all fine and lovely, but that is not what this is about.

This is about the In Between, and the moments that the photos never captured. 

This is about how her mom ordered her a kids hot chocolate and put a green straw in the lid so that she wouldn't tip it over and spill. 

This is about the impeding sugar rush and running in circles around the giant oak tree.

This is about the boy who pulled her pigtails and the way she didn’t want him to see her afterwards, because she started to cry. 

More than anything though, this is about me - hidden behind the window of a coffee shop, this morning around six.



8 September 2014

Sometimes, it’s 10:30 at night, and for no particular reason at all life feels extra beautiful.

Your head hits the pillow and your skin feels soft against the cold clean sheets.

You are grateful.

Today was the last Monday, September 8th 2014 that I will ever have again.

I’ve already lived it. That is nuts.