February Archives

It's March 8th, but I didn't forget!!!

Here they are. Finally. The February Archives.



25 February 2012

There is something so enticing about a stranger, the mystery that surrounds them, the excitement of getting to know them. I just like taking people in- figuring out what makes them laugh, or smile. Catching them in a moment of vulnerability, no matter how slight. It’s all so cliche. Every single person I know was at one point in time a complete stranger to me. There are so many people I have yet to meet that will forever change me. 

You’re becoming less of a stranger to me. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.


28 February 2013

But does anyone remember the year Taylor Hicks won American Idol?????


19 February 2014

I love you, and it’s more terrifying than walking over a pool of hungry alligators on a tightrope made of dental floss.

I love you, and it’s more wonderful than my most favorite flavor of ice cream, or my most favorite piece of music, or nostalgia, or jumping in a pile of warm fresh laundry on a cloudy day. 

24 February 2014

I hope that when you look at me you feel as lucky as I do when I look at you.


12 February 2015

I believe in the importance of writing. But even more than that, I believe in the importance of sharing the things that I have written. This mainly stems from the fact that I am a fan of the things that other average, everyday people write and share. There is just something about being an intruder in the mind of someone else. The world opens up... 

I didn’t even have to knock, or take off my shoes, yet here I am, standing in the center of the place where it is all happening– bravery, honestly, and a willingness to share. 

I believe in the importance of writing. So I contribute when I can, the best that I can, and as honestly as I can. 

You don’t have to wipe your feet on the mat. Just come on in to the mess of it all.


5 February 2016

We were a mesh of body parts
Warm toes
Cold noses
Indecisive hearts

I used to think love was that fluttery nervous feeling you get in your tummy. Now I know that love is sharing a medicine cabinet and pooping with the door wide open. It’s morning smiles and eyes barely peeping open under dusty golden light. It’s when I know you’re in a dream state and you pull me in close with strong arms.

And then there’s heartbreak. And I swear to God, I can feel it everywhere. Even the tips of my fingers ache. 

We were a mesh of body parts.
The memory of you is pressed onto my heart forever.


6 February 2017

We puttied glow in the dark stars onto your ceiling after our second date. I keep a picture of them taped to the underside of my eyelids. When the world gets dark, I close my eyes. I feel safe looking up at the constellation we made. 

We spent so many nights growing up under those stars that I nearly forgot they were there. 

The day you moved out you told me that the stars were gone. I remember it caught me off guard, but I registered it as the saddest sentence I ever heard you speak. 

I knew. Those stars were us. Taking them down was a visible representation of our impermanence.

I cried that night thinking about how lonely the ceiling must have looked without them.

I'm working on being less pathetic, I really am... but please understand, when the stars came down they took me with them. 

I feel it all and always will. 

23 February 2017

N O T E:  As some of you may know my car was stolen this past weekend. One of the items that was in the car was the journal that I have been writing in for the last year. Thousands and thousands of my words and ideas are now lost forever. Stolen. As a writer I don't think that there is a greater loss or violation of person space. I took a picture of my last entry which was out of the usual routine... I had no idea that it would be so important to me, but now it's all that I have left from those pages. My heart is broken. I want my words back.