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A few of the years were missing chunks from March, so I posted a couple more from the others. As always, enjoy... 


March 10th 2013

If you feel pretty then post a selfie. If you feel fat then go work out. If you feel tired then take a nap. If someone annoys you then don’t talk to them. If someone makes you happy then tell them every chance you get. If you are proud of yourself then celebrate.

Never diminish who you are because other people don’t agree. People are never going to agree.

If it’s right for you, then pursue it, whatever it is. Never give up the chase. Never tell yourself that you aren’t worth greatness in every single aspect of this life.

This life is all you have. So cut it out and live. Seriously. You are rare and beautiful and worth every wonderful thing under the sun. I promise.

19 March 2013

Empty promises are the overflow of empty hearts.

I will not be your second choice. 

15 March 2013

I just think it’s weird that a person could choose to exist apart from someone they love. People come into your life and you discuss important decisions with them and they get under your skin and you start to really care and give them parts of you that actually mean something and then they just walk out of your life, sometimes without even so much as a goodbye.

The person you love ends up making those important decisions and getting their coffee every morning and going to the movies on Friday nights without you. Suddenly, you don’t get a say. You are left with broken pieces, and a lack of motivation to put them back together.

It makes me sad that one person can be in control. All it takes is one person to say “I’m out,” and then it isn’t your choice anymore. You have to go on with your life, aching, and hurting, and existing apart from the person you love with all your heart.

That’s the thing that kills me most: the thought that there is such a whole lot of world to see and such a whole lot of people to meet, but none of these experiences will ever be whole because this world and all of the people in it are so broken.


14 March 2014

It’s good to miss people. It’s another form of love, I think. Missing someone reminds you of that persons importance in your life. It makes you excited to be with them next and to hug them and to appreciate even the littlest moments of time with them. So I’m okay with missing you. Only for a little while though. 

17 March 2014 

I remember the soft hum of your car engine, and tires lose on their axels bobbling down the road ever so clumsily.

I waited for your response…

A stripe of street light, orange and dusty, kissed the left side of your face - just below your eye, on the top of your cheek bone.

It was so small, but I saw it there in your crooked smile, and I knew.

You shrugged your shoulders and,

“Well, I was kind of hoping you’d come with me…”

25 March 2014

The first person you fall in love with is going to fuck you over for a lifetime. You’re always going to look for them in other people- their good traits and their bad. You’ll compare everything someone new does to all the things that they did but nothing will ever compare because there is no one in this whole entire world like the first person you fall in love with. Sure, you’ll fall in love again. Everyone does. But it’ll be different. Not different as in bad, just different.


13 March 2016

Hell ya I’m proud of myself. There are things that I never thought I could do a few months ago, and I am doing them. I am learning to never underestimate my abilities as a human being. I am learning what it looks like to stay the course, even when it’s hard. I am filled with more strength and more capability than I ever knew. I continue to surprise myself. I know now more than ever that I can do hard things. Every bit of progress is a victory.


28 March 2017

Twenty two years of life, and I am still settling in to this human vessel that I am lucky enough to call home. I am endlessly becoming. For as long as I have, I promise, I will continue.