This morning I woke up feeling unsure about so much.

I love Fall, but it’s also my birthday in November which brings me to question so much of my existence.

Another year older and did I make any progress?

This time around the sun, I’m not sure. I like to think I did, but I also feel stuck and confused. Heavy with the weight of everything that I want to be right now.

See, I don’t want anyone to know my age, because I feel like there’s less magic in being 24 when you still don’t have your life together in the ways that you thought you should’ve by now.

But there I said it. I am 24. And, even though I don’t always feel it, I am proud of where I stand.

It’s early October and I exist in a world that has always and never been.

I am a writer and a photographer, an interior designer and a stylist, but it’s always been hard for me to wear labels, so I call myself a planet girl instead.

What I want you to know, my darlings, is that I am figuring it out, too.

I am sitting with insecurities and anxieties and thoughts that steal time, but I am making the decision to fight for me - awkward and imperfect and unsure - sitting inside of this rib cage, waiting for the right moment to break bones and be.