A Fun Night We Had in College

SoOoOooo I moved onto my school campus a couple of months ago and now I live in a dorm room with three other girls. We run out of toilet paper every other day and talk too much and take naps at the least ideal hours forcing everyone else into a silent existence for thirty minutes or two hours because you just neeeever know with naps. 

We are never alone and sometimes that's hard, but we make space for each other to grow into the people we are becoming. We share the pieces of ourselves that you have to when you live in one room together. Like the fact that you're an insomniac and an active sleeper who is prone to snoozing their alarm ten times before rolling out of bed. WuUuuUt who ??  Meeee? Actually, yeah. Me.

By the grace of God we all get along. And even when we don't, we do.

I'm grateful for this weird little life of mine and the way that things constantly come together despite my fears and inhibitions. 

July Disposables

I might live eighty more Julys and they'll all be wonderful in their own right, but I'll never be the same person in the same July twice. To unfold is the most beautiful thing of all. I'm ready for whatever is next. 


A Trip to Salvation

june 28th 1017: yesterday, i went to the doctor and i made him measure me because i've reeeeally been feeling taller lately, and i sweeeear i must've grown. he propped me against a human tape measure and sure enough, my suspicion was verified by one inch. i laughed. 2017 has been marked by a conscious effort to grow in all sorts of ways, but i never dreamed that height would be one them. espeeeeciallly since i was told that i had stopped growing at age twelve. welp, here i am. 22 years old and an inch taller. i don't believe that it's a coincidence; my body and soul are in this together. what a gift to receive visual representation of progress. this is my new favorite photo of me: five foot one and standing taller than ever.