Trousers at the Ready: WWAW?

This Fall I am fully committing to the grandpa aesthetic.

My arsenal of blazers is all lined up, and my trousers are at the ready. 

I love a good classic look, but sometimes with pieces that aren't denim the styling can get a bit tricky.

Such was the case with these trousers.

I couldn't even see my floor by the time I decided that this look was the one. 


Throughout my life I have always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn, but the past year or so I've been dressing like a twelve year old boy.

Tbh, I'm over it. 

In order to keep myself in check and avoid looking slouchy, I stand in front of my closet and ask, "what would Audrey wear?"  

This question has become my new accountability partner. I can't get properly dressed without it. 

Of course, I have to give myself room to add modern touches, but for the most part it's kept me in check, especially when I'm making purchases. 


Despite the fact that I'm taking 17 units, I've never felt more inspired. I'm looking forward to many more Fall looks, and actually posting about them here. 

The pants, shoes, and belt featured here were thrifted. But the sunnies are Zack Posen, and the earrings are Shop Theo. 


Shop Future

Shop Future

I asked Lane (owner of the shop) to share her story so that I could write about it on the blog. Her response was beautiful, and I feel like I'd be doing her an injustice to put my spin on it, so here it is. Her story in her words. 

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A Trip to Salvation

june 28th 1017: yesterday, i went to the doctor and i made him measure me because i've reeeeally been feeling taller lately, and i sweeeear i must've grown. he propped me against a human tape measure and sure enough, my suspicion was verified by one inch. i laughed. 2017 has been marked by a conscious effort to grow in all sorts of ways, but i never dreamed that height would be one them. espeeeeciallly since i was told that i had stopped growing at age twelve. welp, here i am. 22 years old and an inch taller. i don't believe that it's a coincidence; my body and soul are in this together. what a gift to receive visual representation of progress. this is my new favorite photo of me: five foot one and standing taller than ever.